Flourishing HUAWON

Hangzhou Huawang Industrial Group Co., Ltd located in the Science and Technology city of Lin'an Economic Development Zone, in Zhejiang Province. It is a large-scale enterprise group which is specialized in production & marketing of decorative base paper and thermal energy as well as import & export business. HUAWON owns international first-class level Decorative Base Paper production lines, including Voith Germany production line and Metro Finland production line.


HUAWON has lead to the development of science and technology, while fostering  investment in world class equipments and promoting production of soft power. The company has a long term co-operation with South China Polytechnic Paper Research Center, which became a role model for domestic co-operation of enterprises & universities. Along with domestic co-operations, we are also stepping up to the International Industry standards by exchanging technical experience regularly with the Production Experts from Europe. The company also comes up to a good co-operation with the Institute of Engineering Technology of Construction.


HUAWON is one of the main drafting units of the National Institute of Standards for Artificial Board Veneer Special Paper, is a provincial level high tech enterprise and owns a number of patents and have been honored by awards of National Science and Technology. The company has been successful in adhering to the international quality standards like ISO9001 & ISO14001.


HUAWON has unique understanding about the quality of product and the needs of the market. For the product quality: not only a product, but also a art & craft; For the market needs: First comprehending, fast reacting, provide the most suitable product and service for the market. After years of developing, the company has successfully been able to build up a brand of its own ‘HUAWON’.