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HUAWON believes that In the pursuit of profit, only value of enterprises is to contribute to the society. This is the personal belief of Mr. Dou zhengliang who is the founder of HUAWON, and HUAWON also passed on this concept. In order to live up to the expectations of stakeholders and achieve the sustainable development of society, The enterprise firmly perform social responsibility.

HUAWON is always care for the disadvantaged and arranges employment and daily life for person with disability; devotes to the river construction of countryside and provides fund to take the warmth to the old. On the other hand, the company established the circulation industry chain in energy saving and clean production by adopting system internal pulmonary circulation and control of waste emissions. Meanwhile, Through the size circle of enterprise and social , the company makes comprehensive use of resources. The company is developing modern ecological paper, showing the paper civilization to the society, and wining credibility by increasing transparency. In order to better energy conservation and emissions reduction, the company set up R&D center, has created a lot of green products with original and practical.